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Saving Your Fridge

Bringing a old table back to life is an easy task, a little bit of sanding, a splash of paint and then throw a vintage table cloth over the top and you are done. But bringing an old refrigerator to life can be challenging for most, but it can also be a fun and exciting project. If you have a fridge that's looking dull or rusty, don't let it sit on the corner. As long as it's functioning properly, you can definitely revamp its look. You can save yourself hundreds or thousands if you refurbish your old fridge than buying a new one. If you don't have time to repaint it, there are other ways to make it beautiful. Below are some great ideas on how to save cash and make your refrigerator an attraction to your home.

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Using Decals and Stickers

You've probably seen many fridges that look cluttered after being barraged with stickers by children. You don't need to do that to your own kitchen appliance, but you can definitely use that concept to cover the stains or the faded paint on the fridge surface. If there are only small patches that you need to cover, you can get artistic patterns or floral designs that you can stick on different parts of your fridge's exterior. There are stores that sell ready-made decals, so you don't have to worry about doing anything apart from choosing the spots to place the stickers. If you want to be more creative, you can print small designs on blank vinyl stickers and cut them out before putting them on the fridge's surface.


A fridge wrap can make any refrigerator very enticing because it can be customised in ways that most people cannot even imagine. You can have a fridge wrap designed according to your kitchen theme or you can be creative and make a design that's out of the box. There are innovative homeowners and designers who prefer to wrap their fridges with skins that won't make their refrigerators look like one. Some examples of exceptional themes are phone booth, saloon door, bank vault, skeleton, sexy lady opening the fridge door, flag, window, treasure chest and other uncommon themes. There's no limit as to what design you should put on your fridge surface. You just need to have a good concept then print it out on a blank vinyl or any specialised sticker that would adhere on the surface properly. From that, you can have a newly designed fridge without spending thousands.

Specialised Services

If you don't have the materials that you need to design your fridge, you can look for companies that offer custom-made refrigerator stickers. Most companies that offer fridge skins can also create designs based on the needs of their customers. You can either choose from their off-the-rack creations or contact them ahead of time to discuss the type of skin that you want. You can also ask them to fit the skin on your fridge to ensure a uniform finish, especially if your appliance is big. Don't forget to ask your creative friends and family members if you need more ideas about a good sticker design to make your fridge more appealing.